About Me

I am an NSF Astronomy & Astrophysics Postdoctoral Fellow and a CCAPP Fellow at Ohio State University in Columbus, OH. My research focus is on understanding star formation on multiple scales – from accreting gas passing through a galaxy’s circumgalactic medium down to individual star forming clouds embedded in the dusty interstellar medium. I follow the gas that is essential for all star formation – hydrogen – through its various phases on its way to forming stars.

Outside of academia, I spend my time with my partner and our two kids. I dabble in some woodworking, which started during the pandemic, and has been partially funded by my amazing contractor brother. I like to crochet, as long as the end result is a rectangle.

My previous career as a music teacher allowed me to teach voice and piano to students of ages 4 – 70, as well as a bit of conducting. I love going to the opera, and have been able to see many operas in many cities! My longtime favorite composers are Debussy and Glass (listen to Akhnaten!).